Game Development World Championships and Autodesk combined their strength for sharing a student game award

The software company Autodesk and the Game Development World Championships, ie GDWC, began to co-operate in a student-category category in this year's competition.

Autodesk is a company behind professional 3D animation and modeling tools such as Mayan and 3DS Max. The new category launched by Autodesk and GDWC is called Student Game Award, ie it is a student game award. A fresh category is open to student enrollment from any country and the course. Participating students do not have to actually be directed towards gaming development, but according to the field of anthropology or medical field. The only requirement is the existence of a game to be present.

"It is exciting to cooperate with GDWC in order to initiate all the first students of the competition in the competition and identify the talent of starting content producers, storystuffs and gaming artists, Autodesk Game Marketing Expert Kelly NG WAN comment.

The top five teams of Student Game Award are rewarded with visibility and Autodesk's product awards. The winner also receives coaching sessions with a Career Coach Jean Legety . The World Cup of Game Development and the Student Game Award can be explored in more detail on the GDWC website.

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