The best game of recent years gets an extension

Anyone who has never played Outer Wilds now has the perfect occasion to catch up with the insider tip. For the masterpiece, surprisingly an extension should appear in September.

Outer Wild, was not this roleplay in the style of Fallout: New Vegas? No, that was the Outer Worlds, which was also published in 2019. Outer Wilds, on the other hand, also uses science fiction setting, because you must explore a solar system in the game and escape a mysterious time loop.

The sound initially inconspicuous, but as turned out one of the best games of the last years and earned in our test the rare high degree of 10/10 points. So who could not play the insider tip so far, has a good reason for this.

Outer Wilds gets surprisingly an extension

Annapurna Interactive has surprisingly announced an extension that carries the title Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye . The publication date is the 28th of September scheduled. You can see the official trailer here:

Anyone who finished the main game already knows what it has with the eponymous eye. Everyone else should not be spoiled at this point. You do not have to do that, Currently you can secure the game particularly favorable. In the PlayStation Store, your Outer Wild is just 40 percent reduced, but the game is also offered on Steam.

So now the perfect time is the game to catch up before the adventure on September 28 with Outer Wilds continues: Echoes of the Eye. To the credits you can plan about 20 hours of playtime .

What makes Outer Wilds so unique?

Outer wilds to play is how to read. You entertain and opens up a new world of unimaginable possibilities. What drives you is your inquisitive and curiosity. There are no quests that take you on the hand, no high score that rewards your progress - The only reason you are increasingly increasing in your spaceship, is your own knowledge of knowledge .

However, you can never learn a second time and that also applies to Outer Wilds. The charm of the game is to explore the puzzles and relationships of the solar system and its inhabitants to escape from the time loop. As soon as you have collected the necessary knowledge and knows the solution, this experience can not be repeated. That's exactly why Outer Wilds announcement: Echoes of the Eye such a sensation - it's as if new letters would have been discovered for our alphabet, which just wait to be learned from us.


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