The dream of all Pokémon coaches: rare item is raffled

For a special milestone to The Pokémon Company can come up with a brilliant draw. A popular item from the first Pokémon editions is in fact a reality and brings back memories.

What raffled The Pokémon Company?

The Pokémon Company reached a milestone of 1 million Twitter followers on his Japanese profile - and that's of course celebrated. Matching the million mark, the company now giving away a nostalgic item that 1 million Poké-dollar costs: Reds bicycle from Pokémon Red and Blue.

The rare gem comes in the original scale and therefore is extremely detailed. Since this however is only a model of the lucky winners or / in the bike itself could not drive. To reminisce, as pretty decoration or so bragging reaches the collector's item but all.

To this day, the 3rd of August, Japanese Pokémon fans could register on Twitter for the raffle. For Poké coach outside Japan, there was no opportunity to participate .

_The a small video trip back in time The Pokémon Company celebrated the milestone: _

ポ ケ モ ン 情報 局 フ ォ ロ ワ ー 100 万人 突破 記念 企 画 ????

キ ミ は 覚 え て い る か? 誰 も が 憧 れ た, あ の 「じ て ん し ゃ」 を -

???? ♪ ~

再現 し た 「じ て ん し ゃ」 の 等身 大 模型 を 1 名 様 に ???? !! 1⃣ @ poke_times を フ ォ ロ ー 2⃣ # ケ モ ン の 100 ポ 万 円 じ て ん し ゃ で ツ イ ー ト

応 募 は 8 月 3 日 ま で ⏰https: //

  • ポ ケ モ ン 情報 局】 【公式 (@poke_times) July 30, 2021

Also in the game, the wheel was a rarity

Since the bike is a unique replica, it is already of high value. And that also applies to the game item. 1 million dollars Poké not only sound a lot, but are also impossible to collect in the game. Why? Well, you can save up a maximum of 999,999 Poké Dollars. To Dream Wheel you so exactly missing a dollar.

Fortunately, you come yet another way to the coveted bike. Just talk with the chairman of the Pokémon fan club in Orania-City and take the wheel counter-coupon. This you can then against the coveted bicycle trade, with the ye move a lot faster can than before. If only it was as easy in real life yet.

_The Pokémon bicycle is indeed awarded to a Japanese fan, but fortunately there are still other cool merchandise, where you can access safely: _

Reds fast bike will be raffled off as a faithful replica on Twitter. What do you think of such actions? Do you wish you a raffle of this kind for European Poké coach? likes to write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook!


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