Legends of Aria will receive a continuation of the working name Aria 2.0

Legends of Aria is one of those titles he wanted to return to the game roots and remind everyone what s going on in this genre. Write that the creators did not succeed, how to write anything - repeatedly changed the vision of the game, problems and lack of news made the legends of Aria are currently a very niche title. Developers believe that they are not yet lost!

Legends of Aria will receive Aria 2.0, but this will not be updated, only a self-right game that can be called a continuation. It will be more immersive, it will offer a view of the arm instead of an isometry and will ensure much more attractions. Still, it will be primarily Sandbox, but bigger and better, and on the new engine, Shards Engine 2.

So when will we get Aria 2.0? During the months, and not years, because the new game is already in an advanced stage and the community will be invited to the Playtests. In all, it also marked that the original legends of Aria will not be abandoned and will continue to support. Details can be found here.


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