gamess Game of the Year - The 25 Best Games of the Year 2019

The Greatest Game Ever Played is a 2005 American biographical sporting activities movie based upon the early life of golf champ Francis Ouimet. The film was routed by Expense Paxton, and was his last film as a director. Shia LaBeouf plays the duty of Ouimet. The movie's movie script was adjusted by Mark Frost from his 2002 publication, The Greatest Game Ever Before Played: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, as well as the Birth of Modern Golf. It was fired in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with the Kanawaki Golf Club, in Kahnawake, Quebec, the site of the golf series.

Here is our countdown for the 25 best games we have played last year.

According to the roller coasters in the years 2017 and 2018, the entire gaming industry brought collective air this year. Although it is relatively quiet this year, the last twelve months were still full of really outstanding publications. In every genre, on each platform, we have played a number of excellent games that represent developers at the top of their game. It was not an easy task to restrict the only 25 games and then rate these 25 games, but as always we did that.

Here we include our 25 most popular games published in 2019, including our game of the year. After all that we can start.

_ Note: All entries and rankings were set by an internal coordination among the entire GamingBolt employees. _

# 25. ACE Combat 7: Skies unknown

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Bandai Namco | Read our report

It can have been more than a decade after the start of ass fight 6, _ But right at the beginning of this year, Bandai Namco finally delivered from _ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown- and the wait was totally worth it. Strapless control, refined graphics, exciting fighting and excellently designed aircraft make the flight and the fighting game from moment to a moment to a blast, while the always creative and imaginous scenarios that serve as a background, made sure that the game was never boring. Ass-fight 7 It is a welcome return to the limelight of the series, and if Bandai NAMCO can hold this quality level with future rates, the limelight is exactly where it will stay for some time.

# 24. Crash Team Racing with Nitro Fuel

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch | Developer: Beenox | Read our report

Activision's revival of the Icon Absturz Bandicoot The starting signal fell in 2017 with three outstanding remakes for the price of (less than) one, and though some had perhaps thought they wanted to push the brakes during a new visit old classic, they decided instead, To put the pedal on the metal crash team race with gasoline. Is often regarded as one of the few kart racing games ever given Mario kart correct competition, MIT Nitro operated proved to be a worthy modernization of a beloved classic. Tight racing and drift mechanics, an excellent stretch design and a wealth of content are supplemented on this chaotic journey by the past of high production values ​​and outstanding representations.

# 23. Need for speed heat

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Ghost Games | Read our report

For years, need for Speed was in the ruins, and every new game has somehow managed to become worse than the last. With this year's _ heat, _ Ghost Games decided to come back to the foundations, and this decision has paid off. Free of things like aggressive monetization, unnecessary online print or history that takes itself too seriously, hrämheim is being focused primarily on the things most importantly: fast driving, the escape from the police, the Buying cars and adaptation to make them absolute monsters. _Need for Speed ​​Heat There is still plenty of room for improvements, but this is a step in the right direction for the franchise company, and when Ghost Games continued with continuations on this track, you might bring the series back to your splendid times.

# 22. The dark pictures: Man of Medan

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Supermassive Games | Read our report

Supermassive Games instantly cemented as a masterminds of the horror and the election-powered adventure title with bis at dawn and this year, freed from the underlying VR titles in which they had to work in recent years, they took another leap into the genre. And although _mann from Medan I is not nearly as good as bis for dawn, it is still damn good. Still full of hard decisions and full of terror, _mann by Medan provides a solid horror history in a great environment. What brings the game to bigger heights was his interaction that transforms experience into a community experience that is much more pleasant than each of us could have imagined. If nothing else, mann from Medan is a great first chapter in Supermassive's dunkle pictures anthology, and we can not wait to see what comes next.

# 21. METRO Exodus

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: 4a Games | Read our report

Metro Exodus rises about the claustrophobic underground scenery of the first two games of the series and takes Artyom and Co. with. On an Odyssee by postnuclear Russia - and although the journey for the players may not have been too comfortable, it is unforgettable. Every place you visit Metro Exodus is tense, bleak, bleak and hostile. Every character you meet is written complex and wonderfully. Each narrative beat keeps you on trot while waiting with a puffed breath to see what will happen next. Although exodus lacks the polish language, and although the filming is anything but perfect, it is still an excellent continuation of an impressively consistent series.

# 20. Borders 3

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Gearbox Software | Read our report

Grenzenbietiete 3 is a game we have been looking forward to years, and although Gearbox has taken the time to create it, you have done it Tat finally deliver this year. And that's exactly what the serial fans wanted. It has a admirable confidence in the strength of the core formula of its predecessors, and instead of reinventing the wheel, it simply decides to be bigger and better. More weapons, more booty, more planets, more disrespectful and alberner humor, more everything - more Grenzenbiete. And was not it what we all were waiting for?

# 19. F1 2019

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Codemasters | Read our report

This is a series that has become better and better in silence and probably earns just as much recognition as such forza Motorsport and gran Turismo. Codemasters throw it every year with their dogs from the park F1 title, and to no surprise they did this again with F1 2019. The gameplay is better than ever, because the mechanics of driving and handling is usually excellent and the tuning options are profound and engaging. In addition, there are a number of other improvements, such as excellent career mode with its dynamic narrative scenarios and countless championship modes, probably the most comprehensive F1 racing game we have ever played.

# 18. Code Vein

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Bandai Namco | Read our report

There was no shortage of developers who have tried in the Souls genre in the last ten years, and among all those who have done this in the AAA area, including the Bandai Namco Code Vene__ probably one of the best. With its unique anime aesthetics, it rises from other games of the genre and creates the perfect balance between monkeys and experiment in every other way. _CODE VENEN The fight provides a surprising depth with almost endless adaptation options that are supported by a robust character developer, a surprisingly appealing class system and a tautly designed card. Things like his lustless history and frustrating KI companions leave much to be desired, but on the whole CODE Vene is absolutely unavoidable for all fans of Souls-like genres.

# 17. The legend of Zelda: awakening links

Available for: Nintendo Switch | Developer: Nintendo | Read our report

As remake link awakens on the switch is very conventional, so it feels like to play as if you come home - only at home it is a crazy island with crazy talking animals and a huge egg on a mountain. And that's really the biggest strength of link's awakening- that it is so well to preserve the unique personality and atmosphere of the original. The island of Koholint is a pleasure to explore, spotlessly designed and full of interesting sights and sounds, and all this is underlined by a beautiful and enchanting art style, which somehow manages to preserve the fantastic feeling that is so important link awakens as experience. 1993's The legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is still considered one of the best games of the series, and although the expectations of the remake of Switch were high, the efforts of developers Grezzos were not disappointed.

# 16. Mortal Combat 11

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC | Developer: Netherrealm Studios | Read our report

When it comes to the fight against franchise, Mortal Kombat is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most popular. In crazy anticipation and a damn great hype to let go, Mortal Combat 11 certainly his work was designed for this, but as usual in this series, it was exactly the kind of violent, exaggerated action we wanted. Mortal Combat 11 Everything is A Mortal Combat The game should be blooming, mechanically solid, bombastic and stunning. There is also a spectacular campaign in the style of Netherrealm, which boasts a narrative and a letter that are better than most of them expect in a fighting game. When starting the game, the tricky style and monetization of the game spelled more than just a few feathers, and for good reason, but thanks to the corrections after the start, fortunately. Mortal Combat 11 is now radically improved - and absolutely one of the best, incredibly funny fighting games that we have played for years.

# 15. Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: ResPawn Entertainment | Read our report

The rieg of the Star License is something that most developers and publishers would do, and yet EA has not done as much as much as possible thanks to disappointing publications, canceled titles and a number of bad decisions, as they could and should have. However, this statement does not apply to ResPawns Star Wars Jedi: Fallow order, _ because it is exactly the kind of _rieg of the Stars game after whom we long for years. ResPawn has offered a single player action adventure, where the property's love is proud of the property from start to finish RiG the Stars Games in years. The methodological struggle, the metroidvania level design and the mixture of exploration, platform and puzzle solution form an excellent overall package -lost order certainly could have tolerated a bit more polish, in the end it is a game that is not a fan of the property - or action Adventure games should be missed.

# 14. Pokemon sword and shield

Available for: Nintendo Switch | Developer: Game Freak | Read our report

Pokemon Sword and Shield stood in the center of a controversy, as they had never endured this series before the start, with things like the exclusion of a complete national Dex and the seemingly ambitious character of the game, although it was a console title, the many , Many rubs people's wrong way. After the start, this is clear schwert and shield konnte definitely more ambitious and polished - but at the same time it is also clear that it is still great for all, what was said and done is still great Pokémon games. From the excellent wild area to the incredible spin you exercise in Pokemon Gyms, from the excellent Galar region to the different improvements in quality of life. Pokemon Sword and Shield are a solid console debut for the mainline series. Is there room for improvement? Oh, absolutely. But in here and now, schword and Schild are more than appetizing enough for fans that long for a new monster catch adventure.

# 13. Super Mario Maker 2

Available for: Nintendo Switch | Developer: Nintendo | Read our report

Nintendo may not have created the Play-Create-Share -schtick, but you have damned it perfectly perfect super Mario Maker earlier and this year super Mario Maker 2 gave us exactly what we wanted - more of it, but better and more robust. Working within the boundaries of mario maker levels to create while leaving their creativity is the main instance of these games Mario maker 2 encourages them to do exactly that. Better still is the fact that these restrictions are less restrictive due to the various supplements than previously Mario maker 2 makes it to its already huge and impressive toolset. And if the promise of infinite replayability and endless contents is not enough thanks to user-generated levels, it is also equipped with a fully equipped Mario campaign of Nintendo itself. Super Mario Maker 2 is an absolute bargain, no matter to which price you buy it, and if it ever happened to a game that you would definitely have to buy it, if you had a switch, that's it.

# 12. Luigis Mansion 3

Available for: Nintendo Switch | Developer: Next Level Games | Read our report

From time to time Luigi has the opportunity to get out of the shadow of his brother and to experience an adventure for himself. The luigi's mansion series has always been to shine his time, and in luigi's mansion 3, _ he radiated brighter than ever. Next Level Games threw the ball with this episode from the park, which is far better than most expected. The best pictures we have ever seen in a switch game? Check. Constantly varied and imaginative leveldesign? Check. You strode before charm, mood and personality? Check. Solid mechanics showing excellent effect at fighting, puzzles and explorations? Check. _Luigi's mansion 3 It is an explosion from start to finish and undoubtedly one of the best games in the already legendary library of the switch.

# 11. Control

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Remedy Entertainment | Read our report

Seeing the name of Remedy Entertainment on the box of a game is almost a quality guarantee, and there was no doubt for anyone, it would not resist this trend. But it's not just the best game that has ever made this venerable studio. Fight Scomance is a fantastic journey of power, where you destroy enemies with Jess's form-changing service weapons and telekinetic skills while hinging like a Jedi with steroids in the air. The oldest house is also a brilliant backdrop, thanks to the incredibly narrow card design and a flood of impressive, world-free sights. All this makes every environment you visit, to explore them. The best is the off-rail narrative of the game, which is proud of bombastic and in every way unabated and the players with a bizarre puzzle after the other holds on trab. Strion It is a unique, fresh and unforgettable experience that requires us more and no surprise in a game of Remedy.

# 10. Assessment

Available for: PS4 | Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio | Read our report

For over a decade, we explored every angle of Kamurocho as Kazuma Kiryu in several games. The dragon of Dojima to say goodbye in the last year was more difficult than we had introduced it to us, and after all, what to report, he returned to the shoes of a stranger to Kamurocho Sollte I felt funny - but Artellung feels everything else as. It retains the greatest strengths of all Yakuza games over the years, with excellent intermediate sequences, a gripping narrative, entertaining fighting, first-class secondary content and a great occupation of home actors. It feels fresh and exciting to play as a private detective in Kamurtocho, while Yamagi's legal skills apply to his new job. Artimoration proves that Ryu GA Gotoku Studio does not have to rely on a single narrative trail or character to make a great game, and although we can not wait for the next Yakuza game, we now also expect a continuation of this surprisingly excellent offshoot.

# 9. Devil can cry 5

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Capcom | Read our report

This was the perfect time for CAPCOM The devil could cry for a long break. The Japanese giant has been shot on all cylinders for several years and riding this wave to revive one of his best and most popular franchises, made too much sense. Luckily, the result was exactly what we expected - an absolutely action-packed and wonderfully stylish action game _The devil could cry. Dante, Nero and Newcomer V shine in this sequel, each with their own fight style and a profound mechanics that encourages the players to send out the powers of hell in a sophisticated and stylish manner. An excellent soundtrack, a first-class graphic, the classic _The devil could cry humor and a surprisingly gripping story, which makes a great job and captivates the players, and the end result is a triumphal return to the top of one of the best action franchises out there .

# 8. Astralkette

Available for: Nintendo Switch | Developer: Platinum Games | Read our report

A new Platinum game is always something you should keep in mind. The providers of the action game genres have published so many titles that they master this type of playing so far Sie probably you probably want to try something else. Therefore, Anttralkette. The new game developed in collaboration with Nintendo is a completely new version of the action genres that is breathtaking unique. The combat system can feel hectic and hectic, but as soon as it clicks, it is like a graceful dance whose execution is almost the second nature. If you bring a surprisingly great history and eye-catching art, you undoubtedly have one of Platinum's most privileged efforts in recent years.

# 7. Kingdom Hearts 3

Available for: PS4, Xbox One | Developer: Square Enix | Read our report

For literally more than a decade, the fans are waiting for the launch of Königreichherzenhen 3. But this is not just a game that meets all these mammal expectations. It also had the non-enviable task to solve a massive, often incoherent story, the It was told for many years _ Many_ games - many of them are surprisingly opaque, but still have crucial act points. How Effective Königreichherzen 3 All in all, it is the debate, but there is no question that this is, on the whole, that's what the fans of the game series had been waiting for. Full of heart's content, with incredible mechanics and level design and replica of numerous legendary Disney worlds with some outstanding visual elements. Königreichsherzen 3 is a satisfactory spray tour from start to finish. Every step of the way pulls on your heart, and in the end you can only breathe deeply and see a wide smile on your face. It is an excellent degree for a long, entangled and often stupid saga and no doubt one of the best games we played this year.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Game Movie # 6. A pest story: Innocence

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Asobo Studio | Read our report

If you've ever encountered someone who refuses to believe that even without a blockbuster budget or a developer team consisting of hundreds of people, excellent-looking, extremely sophisticated games can be created with a fantastic story and a narrow gameplay, just keep them away A copy of E.A epidemic history: Innocence. The French Indie developer Asobo Studio has made something really incredible with this game. They invented a heart-coming story about a girl and her little brother who tried to survive against insurmountable adversities, and they underpinned this creative vision with excellent texts and performances. They designed a game with a simple mechanism that should be used in more and more diverse and more complex way to create solid puzzles and shadiness, and they performed this vision to perfection. They filled their lively world with breathtaking sights ranging from breathtakingly beautiful to terribly scary, and they supported this aesthetics with visual elements that can harm the best AAA games themselves. _ A site history: Innocence is one of the biggest surprises of the year and by far one of the best games we have played in the last twelve months.

# 5. Gears 5

Available for: Xbox One, PC | Developer: The Coalition | Read our report

The coalition had much to prove zahnräder 5. Although they have proven that they can deliver a quintessence GEme game with Tahn wheels of war 4, _ For many, the _alle had proved them, and the general consensus after this game was that the series urgently needed further development. Gang 5, _ Then we have gone a few bold risks, and it has become a clever and reasonable extension of the series, which still remains to get everything defined _ gear wheels of war. Tahnräder 5 takes the intelligent shaped levels and mechanically narrow Third-person shootings for which this series has always been known and combines them with new ideas, including progress mechanisms that give the fight another level at depth, and open world maps that have been invited to explore this series still has this series Never done before. On the multiplayer page it is packed with excellent content, from Arcade - with countless entertaining modes - over Horde - as always a blast - to the latest extension, Escape. There is still improvement potential - especially in relation to the areas of the open world - but Tahnräder 5 brings the series back on course and is also one of the best games that Microsoft has produced on this page of 2010.

# 4. Death true

Available for: PS4 | Developer: Kojima Productions | Read our report

Hideo Kojima without shackles would always be an unforgettable sight, and the positive aspects were not overlooked at this front Death Stranding disappointed. Packed with Kojima's characteristic storytelling eccentricities and its complete lack of subtlety as well as its gameplay genius, which made him together to the big name he is today. Death Stranding It turned out to be extremely cleavingly - because Kojima in search of his unrestricted vision for the story he wanted to tell and how he wanted to tell her, incredibly much risk. Death Stranding is mechanical and narrative, and often this density is not that big. However, if you stick to it, you will receive one of the freshest AAA games that we have received for years, and a convincing, addictive game experience that is completely different than anything else. People will distinguish themselves whether or not Death Stranding is actually good - we obviously think that it is excellent - but no one will ever say that it is not incredibly unique and incredibly brave.

# 3. Tom Clancy is the department 2

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Ubisoft Massive | Read our report

The Looter Shooter Genre was not exactly the most consistent since it broke into the mainstream in the early years of this generation (which is strange because it was incredibly successful), and one of the reasons for this is that such games often with a serious Lack of meaningful content start. The first ection also suffered from this shortage, but with The department 2, _ developers of ubisoft massive have ensured that these pitfalls are avoided. _The department 2 It is full of entertaining, addictive content, whether you want to play solo, coop or PVP, and its Beuegrind is reasonably deep and gripping. Washington D.C. is a great backdrop, and the slow reply of control over the city ensures a surprisingly amazing campaign with which you can have fun even if you play alone. And just like its predecessor, The department 2 also looks good and shows impressive attention to the smallest detail. Since the start, many of massive decisions with new content and changes on the basic game were questionable, which was definitely a blow against the game. But the The department 2 is so far above on our list of the best games of the year 2019, that we should still tell you how much we like the game.

# 2. Resident Evil 2

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: Capcom | Read our report

How do you take a game that is considered one of the best entries of his franchise and one of the best survival horror titles of all time, and how do you make it so that it is not just this classical justice, but actually creates it to exceed? it? You call for Capcom to do that. You have made it with Resident Evil 1 in 2002, and you have once again with the stunning done this year with the stunning Resident evil 2. This remake goes far beyond that and gives the original from 1998 so thoroughly and fantastic again that It sometimes feels like a newcomer in the series. The decision to use the over-the-shoulder perspective is virtually awesome, especially since it somehow succeeds in returning to the atmospheric horror, slow, fearful fear and methodological exploration and control of the original game. It offers some of the best pictures we have ever seen in this game, with frightening and gruesome views - be it the bloodstained walls of the dilapidated police station or the bloody exposed guts of a corpse - in a glorious way detail. Resident Evil 2 is a blueprint for the remake of a popular classic and will immediately become one of the best games that this series has ever delivered. For such a legendary and so dear franchise as _Resident Evil, _ that is not a little praise.

GamingBolts 2019 Game of the Year - Sekiro: Shadows the Twice

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Developer: FromSoftware | Read our report

Sekiro: Shadow die twice is fantastic - there is simply no other way to describe it. Every centimeter and every pixel of the game is bleeding with style and substance, every second of experience stands on a basis of mechanical depth and perfection. In true fromSoftware fashion, Sekiro players constantly demands, with excellent designed opponents and some typical boss fights. The fighting against these enemies is always an onslaught of thrill and adrenaline, because the fight in this game is absolutely masterful, with the collapse of swords and the methodological search for an opening that puts your enemies a deadly blow, which defines Sekiro you feel like a real badass shinobi. The level design is - as always in From-games - immaculate and penetrating Sekiro's interconnected cards are an absolute joy. With its stronger concentration on the stories and the absence of things like crazy runs and the construction of variety and mechanisms such as the resurrection, it also creates an identity for itself, which feels very different dunkle souls. There are many that could argue that Sekiro is perhaps a bit too difficult, and this argument certainly has a certain value, but right because of this difficulty Sekiro is able every time you are able to the almost constant flood To outperform fearful challenges of the game, to inject heavy doses of euphoria directly into their veins. It is a work of art, an action game that is characterized by spectacular struggles, and a test for skill and challenge, which seeks its kind. From all these reasons and more, Sekiro: Shadow die twice is our game of the year 2019.


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