Mafia Boss Growth, Home Teacher Hitman Mobile New

Damos Games will launch a mobile action RPG home teacher hitman ribbon (Reborn!) To start a dictionary reservation.

Home Teacher Hitman Reborn! This is a mobile game that originally the animation of the same name. One day, a class of Middle School Hitman Ribbon came to the home teacher, and classes to make the main character Sawadang Ribbon as a home teacher, and the classes to make the main character Sawada Tsuna Yoshi.

You can also see the original story and major appearance characters in the game, and the main character future version also appears.

Participating in game pre-reservation will provide items and Korean-only game profile frames, and participate in store pre-reservations gives additional compensation. In addition, when the number of pre-reserved holders increases, the compensation is also increased.

The Dao Gams official said, The official mobile game of the Global Readers captivated by many global readers with a unique world view will confirm the release of domestic and launched domestic market, said Mobile Games, Teacher Teacher Hitman Reborn! Thank you for your interest in


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